Ages 3-7

World acclaimed Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) curriculum will perfect your child’s twirling grace!

Ages 4-16

All the World’s a Stage, so let your child be a star as we partner with leading Performing Arts School - Faust International Youth Theatre!

Ages 4-8

Understanding, appreciation, materials and techniques. Go create guys!

Ages 4-11

Stimulate your child's imagination and engineering skills with electronics!

Tech Savvy
Ages 4-11

Computer programming or game design – it’s your call!


At Highflyers, we believe the importance of empowering kids/child through a holistic learning environment that encourages active learning. Our programs and activities provides your kids/child the edge for pathway to success in the increasingly globalised world. Highflyers offers performing arts, innovation technology, arts & crafts workshops and more.

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